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    2. Huatong Valve Passes the Maximum Certification License for Pressure Pipeline Components (TS)

      Column:Company News Time:2015-07-10

      Recently, Shanghai Huatong Valve Co., Ltd., which is actively transforming and upgrading, has passed the appraisal and appraisal of the National Special Equipment Manufacturing License (TS Certification) and obtained the highest level of A1 licensing requirements, thus pushing the standardized production of enterprises to a higher level, and also accelerating the transformation and upgrading of enterprises to high-end. Under the foundation.

      It is understood that the special equipment manufacturing license, namely TS certification, means that the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine supervises and inspects the production (including design, manufacture, installation, transformation, maintenance, etc.), use, inspection and inspection related units of special equipment, grants employment license to the qualified units and grants use to them. Management behavior of TS certification mark. Thereafter, in the field of special equipment, if the manufacturing, using and testing units fail to obtain TS certification within the prescribed time limit, the state will not allow them to enter the relevant fields of special equipment to carry out economic activities.

      * Schedule - Special Equipment Manufacturing License (Pressure Pipeline Component Valve) TS Certification Enterprise's Resource Requirements: (excluding safety valves)


      Level A1

      1) Valves with a nominal diameter greater than or equal to 200 mm and a design temperature greater than 425 degrees Celsius

      2) Valves with nominal pressure greater than 10 Mpa and nominal diameter greater than or equal to 200 mm

      Level A2

      1)Valves with design temperature below - 46 C or ultra-low temperature valves with design temperature below - 196 C and - 253 C

      2)Valves with nominal pressure greater than 6.4 Mpa and nominal diameter greater than or equal to 200 mm

      Level B1

      Valves other than A1 A2 B2

      Level B2

      Valves with nominal pressure less than or equal to 4.0 Mpa

      C7.1 Registered Funds and Number of Employees

      Registered capital

      Number of full-time workers

      Permission level





      Registered capital

      ≥20 million yuan

      ≥10 million yuan

      ≥2 million yuan

      ≥1 million yuan

      Number of full-time workers





      C7.2.3 Nondestructive Tester

      Permission level



      ndt personnel

      Products involving non-destructive testing of ultrasound, magnetic powder or penetration level II qualifications at least 2 items each

      Products involving non-destructive testing of magnetic powder or penetration level II qualifications at least 1 person


      According to industry insiders, the manufacturing license of special equipment is one of the qualifications that valve manufacturers must acquire, but in Shanghai, the number of valve enterprises that have the highest level of TS certification is still very small, and even fewer enterprises can design, manufacture and test devices for ultra-low temperature valves at -196 C at the same time.

      In order to create future customer value and transform into a company with world trust, Shanghai Huatong Valve Factory is restructuring, upgrading and reforming continuously, striving to build a high-end business structure and development platform with gradually accumulated "people", "technology" and services as competitiveness, and upgrading from a single product-oriented to a technical service. A comprehensive large-scale enterprise integrating diversified industries such as manufacturing services, consulting services and financial services. Executive Director Lin Chengzhou said that while upgrading the industry, the company's production management and product quality should also be improved accordingly. "Take this opportunity of TS certification, consolidate the existing achievements, improve the overall management level of the company, create Huatong valve quality brand, and promote the new development of Huatong valve.